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Memphis, TN
Mary Van Dyke, Artistic Director
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You may purchase attire at Barbara’s Dancewear (10% discount if you say you are from CBT) or Cordova Dancewear. Please be sure you know what you need to purchase and what class you are in before you go to the dance store.

Leotards may be short sleeve, cap, tank. Spaghetti strap is fine for levels above Ballet II. Leotards should be simple style with no criss crossing straps, or cutouts on back. Please do not wear a visible sports bra. Skirts should be all one length around and should be short - about two inches below buttocks.
No-show socks are NOT allowed. Pursuits all classes, St Agnes PKJK, Roulhacs and CM Daycare do not dress out for ballet but should have thin white bobby socks and pink ballet shoes, and hair in ponytail on ballet day. Pull on tutus are provided.
Preballet 2.5-3:
Pink dance dress (leotard with attached skirt).

Preballet PK-JK (3-5yrs):

Pink leotard, plain short pink skirt unattached.

Preballet  SK-1st (5-7yrs):
Light blue leotard, plain short light blue skirt unattached.

Ballet 1:
White (lined) leotard, plain short white skirt unattached.

Ballet 2:
Lavender leotard, matching lavender skirt.

Ballet 3:
Fushia pink leotard and matching skirt (available at Barbara’s or Cordova Dancewear) Ballet shoes, tights and hair.

Ballet 4:
Teal leotard and black skirt (available at Barbara’s or Cordova Dancewear).

Ballet 5:
Plum leotard and matching skirt (available at Barbara’s or Cordova Dancewear).

Ballet 6:
Black leotard and matching black skirt (available at Barbara’s or Cordova Dancewear).
Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers. Pink or peach tights or white thin bobby socks. Neat ponytail, bun, or pigtails completely off face and neck.

Ballet Levels 1-6:
Pink or peach tights (OR white thin bobby socks for Ballet 1). Pink leather or canvas ballet slippers. A bun is required: Slick back your hair (with water and/or hairspray if needed) into a tight ponytail. Wrap hair into bun with pins. Secure with sheer hair net and more pins. No stray hairs and minimal bangs.
Jazz/contempary at Racquet Club:
Long black jazz or yoga pants (boot leg or slight flare), hair in ponytail or bun. Short jazz shorts are fine too but you might need the long pants for recital. Black jazz shoes. Sometimes dance paws are requested too.

Musical Theater:
Comfortable pants, leggings or shorts and shirt, tennis shoes, hair in a ponytail. Black mary jane style shoes from Payless with a strap are needed for class and shows. (ask teacher on first day).

Adult Ballet:
Leotard any color, pink or black tights, or leggings that show ankles. Skirt optional. Pink ballet/ slippers Grisko or Russian Pointe preferred. Hair in ponytail, bun or twist. Hair should be in a bun or twist for intermediate advanced ballet classes.
Polices & Dress Codes
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